Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Cooking Classes with my friend Kathy Lehr

My friend Kathy Lehr started offering cooking classes in her home. This is a great setting to learn from a professional. I took a 40 Hour bread class from her at Western Reserve Culinary School..working towards my pastry chef license. Kathy is alot of fun and I learned so much from her. If anyone is interested in a class, let me know - I see a few I would like to go to..would be fun to do with friends!

Spring CookingClasses
March through May
Kathy Lehr, Instructor and Consultant

Hopefully, winter is coming to a halt and spring is around the corner. Again, I welcome you to join me in both demonstration and hands on classes. Phone or e-mail me at 330.668.0131 or taoofdough@neo.rr.com. Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the class occurs.

Saturday, March 14th @ 11AM-2:30PM $48.00
French Bread and More
Hands On
This will be the most important bread class you can take. In this class you will learn a formula to make any bread you desire!
You will learn the chemistry of what happens when you combine yeast, flour, water, and salt. Once this is mastered, you should be producing beautiful and crusty breads in your home. We will follow making Classic French Bread with Honey Whole Wheat. There are many tips for the busy, working person and explanations which will eliminate many of your fears and misconceptions!

Monday, March 16th @ 6-9 PM $38.00
Oriental Express
Asian food has caught on but many fear it because of unknown ingredients. I simply love this type of cooking because of its great flavors and quick style. I will walk you through

cooking quick and easy recipes based upon 6-7 staple Asian ingredients.
• Shrimp and peas in ginger sauce
• Orange and lemon chicken with kiwi
• Stuffed wontons in a spicy coconut sauce
• Szechwan pork sauce with noodles
• Spicy chicken (or beef) with basil

Tuesday, March 24th @ 6-9 PM $48.00
Whole Wheat Breads for Beginners
Hands On
Are you tired of those airy, tasteless supermarket breads that claim to be “healthy” but are merely a step above “cotton bread”? You can learn how to easily make healthy, whole grain breads
in this class. We will begin by making a delicious Seven Grain Bread, one that has some substance!! Next you’ll learn how to take a basic honey, whole wheat and add bigger flavors with the Sunflower Whole Wheat Bread. Lastly, you will probably not be buying many crackers after learning how simple it is to make a great homemade cracker with the Seeded Wheat Cracker.

Tuesday, March 31st @ 6-9 PM $38.00
Chocolate, Chocolate, and More Chocolate
Do you need a special treat for the holidays or “just because”? This class holds the secret to an incredible dense, flourless cake, an easy and perfect soufflĂ©, a liquid loaded treat, and priceless, freezable brownies!!
• Chocolate Amaretto Flourless Cake
• Grand Marnier Chocolate Souffle
• Chocolate Bomb
• Chewy, Chocolate Walnut Brownies

Wednesday, April 8th @ 6-9 PM $38.00
Mighty Meatless Dishes
With many people deciding a main dish does not necessarily need to contain meat, we are searching for ways to make these dishes have big flavors. A variety of dishes are taught in this class so you can have healthy, meatless meals that will become your family’s favorites!!
• Wild mushroom and pasta “souffle”
• Cheese and walnut quesadillas with tropical fruit salsa
• Stuffed Vidalia onion w/boursin cheese and herbs
• Vegetable and papaya spring rolls w/garlic-chili dipping sauce
• True Tex-Mex cheese and egg(otional) enchiladas

Monday, April 13th @ 6-9 PM $38.00
Appealing Appetizers
Appetizers can be hand held or plated. You will have some of both worlds in this class. A great spring treat is the salmon roll. The gougere is an easy to make French dough that puffs when baked. You will learn how to make them with Roquefort cheese and quickly turn them into a cheddar dill puff. Next is a simple unbaked cheesecake that is refrigerated to set…how easy!! The corncake is a bit of a twist on the familiar crabcake. Last the timbale is one of my favorite appetizers and served on a bed of
greens, it can become a salad course!
• Smoked salmon and herbed cucumber rolls
• Roquefort gougere and cheddar dill puffs
• Miniature stilton and bacon cheesecake
• Spicy shrimp (or smoked salmon) corncakes w/ red chili mayo and a spicy avocado sauce
• Lemon goat cheese timbale

Saturday, April 25th 11-2:30 PM $48.00
Sharpening Your Knife Skills with Vegetables
Hands On
Once you have become proficient with a knife, you can cut your meal prep time in half. If you have them, bring a chef’s knife and a paring knife. If you do not have these, let me know ahead of time and I will supply them for you.
In this class you will learn how to sharpen, hold and use the most important tool in your kitchen. You will be chopping,slicing, dicing, and mincing your way through an array of vegetables. We will then use the veggies to make a pasta primavera and an oriental stir fry.

Tuesday, April 28th @ 6-9PM $38.00
Phyllo and Puff Pastry Appetizers
With the ability to readily find quality phyllo and puff pastry in the freezer section of the supermarket, you can become an instant star when you present these simple appetizers to your friends!!
• Asparagus w/tarragon mustard sauce in puff pastry
• Goat’s cheese soufflĂ© in phyllo cups
• Spinach and salmon pillows
• Parmesan cheese straws
• Ricotta and Prosciutto Triangles

Tuesday, May 12th @ 6-9 PM $38.00
Splendid Salads
Wouldn’t you like to have some new and simple summer
salads to serve to your family and friends? Join me for an evening of yummy lessons both with salads and bold dressings!
• Pear, pancetta, and walnut salad w/toasted coriander seed dressing
• Tempura shrimp and papaya salad w/ peanut sesame sauce
• Spinach, orange, and red onion salad w/mango chutney dressing
• Tahini chicken salad w/sugar snap peas and toasted pecans
• Steak salad w/a tangy oriental dressing

Monday, May 18th # 6-9 PM $38.00
Picnic and Party Treats

Are you tired of that same old, same old Spinach Artichoke
Dip? Now you can wow your friends and family with new, flavorful treats!! You’ll find tortas, terrines and pates are all wonderful because they are prepared ahead and then served with bread or crackers…how simple for you! A gallette is a quick dough filled with sweet or savory and then served at room temperature.
• Pesto and roasted peppercheese torta
• Curried wild mushroom pate
• Jalapeno Cheese Squares w/ avocado salsa
• Roquefort and Walnut Terrine
• Mushroom, caramelized onion and goat cheese gallette

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