Thursday, August 20, 2009

At a Farmers Market near you!

What exactly is a farmers market? sounds like such a simple question to answer but it's really not. There are different types of farmers markets, did you know that?

Some markets are very small with only a couple of local growers. Some are more medium in size with ten to twenty plus local growers and producers. Then you have the larger markets where you find fifty plus vendors each week.

Are the larger ones better? Not necessarily because many times the larger markets allow resellers which means that you really aren't truly at a “farmers” market...ask if everything is locally grown!

Ever consider buying fresh baked goods at a Farmers Market? You might be asking yourself the question, where is my local farmers market held? I want to share a great site with you called Local Harvest. It is filled with amazing information about where you can find these types of markets, co-op information and much more! Visit it at and type in your area zip code!

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